Robert Martelli – Dawn, Day, Death

3 track CDr by ex-Christchurch now Melbourne based Robert Martelli’s doom-drone project. 

Track one, Dawn’s Reverent murmuring of guitars in the cavernous spaces of now-collapsed cathedrals cut through with static detritus. 

Track two, Day’s deceptive hard-edged doom-throb giving way to Earth-esque evocations of big sky and warm fuzz fizzing like the tall grass you used to be able to walk through. 

Track three, Death’s introspective tones subdued like a nature documentary soundtrack barely making itself heard through the wall from the next room, building up to a climatic peak and tantalisingly cut short, a not so gentle going into that good night. 

A short EP that effortlessly lends itself to repeated listening.

– James Hope. Melbourne, 2011




ROB has also just made a swish new photo-zine SKY'ER which you should definitely grip, flip and drip your eyes all over at Collusion of Parallax.