Jazzed to have a few new releases at other places in the worx:

Fake Keygen is a tape coming out on 1080p of Abstract Mutation ideas I've had kicking around and been using in shows. Loose ambient techno about surveillance, technology, computer game magazine cover discs and late night ops.
  1. Expert Loner
  2. Oops Magazine
  3. Infrared Koala
  4. Indoor Rain
  5. Open Season
  6. Wet Fax

Serenely Skeptical is an old Spelunks CDr coming out on CMR. Trax recorded in an empty house in mid 2011. Bass based, enjoying raw vocals, songs + trax.
  1. Amateur Chiropractic
  2. Where Did Our Love Go?
  3. Built-in
  4. Wet Towels (Cabaña Boy mix)

Endless Foodcourt / Wregularly Rong is a tape of 2 Spelunks trax from the same time but on more of a disco bent a la Why Do You Make Me Wait? (also soon on CMR).

– Going thru a hard drive the other day I came across an old CD compilation of crumbling apart tracker trax by Christchurch  artists I was gonna put out at the start of 2011: Hi-tech Luddite. Out soon
    1. hoagie & bernard – crestfallen
    2. team solo – head cube
    3. blake - reveal
    4. dj dreck – suburban lord
    5. chris – slept n dubbed
    6. echo from the deep – the bends
    7. spelunks – jagajudo (dreck's dryy mix)
    8. hyp-no-tech – dream dancing
    9. hi-Q – myst arp
    10. mr sudo – armchair dub
    11. ANX – false ark
    12. LIFE/TRUTH - spilt thought
    13. dj dreck – rain (bonus beats)
    14. BGM1 – pump that

    Also making a video for a storming hard techno track about back pain.
    Stay tuned.