VOT Radio on AFM

Dj Blake is doing a VOT radio show for a few hours RIGHT NOW on Audio Foundation FM in Auckland.
Tune in 88.3FM in the akl cbd or STREAM HERE


Hi-Tech Luddite: Christchurch Tracker Trax '07–'10. Out today

Comprehensive survey of Christchurch, New Zealand tracker scene c. '07–'10.
Available in two editions: as a CD (above) and as this youtube video (below):

01. hoagie & bernard – crestfallen
02. team solo – head cube
03. blake - reveal
04. dj dreck – suburban lord
05. chris – slept n dubbed
06. echo from the deep – the bends
07. spelunks – jagajudo (dreck's dryy mix)
08. hyp-no-tech – dream dancing
09. hi-Q – myst arp
10. mr sudo – armchair dub
11. ANX – false ark
12. LIFE/TRUTH - spilt thought
13. dj dreck – rain (bonus beats)
14. BGM1 – pump that

Mixed by The Abstract Mutation
Dingbat Edition 02


CDs are AUD$4, free post to AUS/NZ – vinylonlytapes@gmail.com


hi-tech luddite preview trax



Offworld – True to Size (Chamionship Ed. #1)

Loose fitting mind trax that shrink after heading off from base camp.
Last two trax are where it's at.

CDs are AUD$4, free post to AUS/NZ – vinylonlytapes@gmail.com


The Championship Edition is a digital clearance of backlogged VOT releases coming out NOW.
Hi-Tech Luddite (finally; just getting spraypainted by our finishing artists now), 100+, Korean BBQ & DJ Gator Golf, VIRTUOSO, and Abstract Mutation mobile trax. 


Fake Keygen: Digital Liberation Edition - download FREE 25/12/13

..** FREE KEYGENS ** CLEARANCE SERIALS ** CUT PRICE ROOTKITS ** REAL DIGITAL TRANSCENDENCE **.. "phuck tha phonies, our releases are always the finest!" - 1080p kReW ## greetz 2 tha_big_kahuna, liquid kangaroo & team solo

"All 1080p digital downloads are up for Free (aka "PWYW") for all of December 25th only - spread the word!" – @richy_boo



REAL Reality

a new video wallpaper - sleep to this one


Abstract Mutation Live-to-air transmission

Tune in to 106.7FM from midnight AEST...



Serenely Skeptical out today via CMR


Click here for more info / buy a CD



╭┳╮╱╱╭╮╱╱╱╭╮フェイク エンコーダー





Jazzed to have a few new releases at other places in the worx:

Fake Keygen is a tape coming out on 1080p of Abstract Mutation ideas I've had kicking around and been using in shows. Loose ambient techno about surveillance, technology, computer game magazine cover discs and late night ops.
  1. Expert Loner
  2. Oops Magazine
  3. Infrared Koala
  4. Indoor Rain
  5. Open Season
  6. Wet Fax

Serenely Skeptical is an old Spelunks CDr coming out on CMR. Trax recorded in an empty house in mid 2011. Bass based, enjoying raw vocals, songs + trax.
  1. Amateur Chiropractic
  2. Where Did Our Love Go?
  3. Built-in
  4. Wet Towels (Cabaña Boy mix)

Endless Foodcourt / Wregularly Rong is a tape of 2 Spelunks trax from the same time but on more of a disco bent a la Why Do You Make Me Wait? (also soon on CMR).

– Going thru a hard drive the other day I came across an old CD compilation of crumbling apart tracker trax by Christchurch  artists I was gonna put out at the start of 2011: Hi-tech Luddite. Out soon
    1. hoagie & bernard – crestfallen
    2. team solo – head cube
    3. blake - reveal
    4. dj dreck – suburban lord
    5. chris – slept n dubbed
    6. echo from the deep – the bends
    7. spelunks – jagajudo (dreck's dryy mix)
    8. hyp-no-tech – dream dancing
    9. hi-Q – myst arp
    10. mr sudo – armchair dub
    11. ANX – false ark
    12. LIFE/TRUTH - spilt thought
    13. dj dreck – rain (bonus beats)
    14. BGM1 – pump that

    Also making a video for a storming hard techno track about back pain.
    Stay tuned.


    1080 – Filesharer

    Keygen trax.

    Companion disc to Fake Facts, recorded at the same time (mid 2012).




    From Tokyo, Japan YAWNING is the sonic projection of a gleam of hope cutting through a thick fog of modern despair. (Jun Minowa, ambient/modern classical). 

    NANOCYCLE (also from Tokyo) is a hypnotic fever dream, represented here by a solo emissary skilled in the opening of the cerebral gate. (Ai Kaneko, electronic psych/shoegazer). 

    "As we prised open the helmet it was clear he never had a chance; the ABSTRACT MUTATION had entirely swallowed the entire frontal hemisphere of his head" (James Grant, freestyle electronics/romance techno/reverse 2step/cheese pie).

    With KOREAN BBQ you never know if you've finally hacked inside or have just been externally jacked yourself (Maurice Sarah, smooth jams/outrageous banter).


    And in between I'm gonna be playing ambient jungle and Scritti Politti all nite long baby!

    "I can carry nearly 80 gigs of data in my head" – Johnny Mnemonic, 1995


    Intercepted Call

    Late night surveillance. Tuba intelligence.


    Sneaky Promo Boys - Ellustriyus Deal Pt 1& 2

    About an hour of skwonk onna pad mad paradiddle with a cheeky jazz on the side. Sneaky Promo Boys are here to work this illustrious biz and get their names out there any way possible; foot in the door, punching that clock etc. YUH!!

    CDs are AUD$4, free post to AUS/NZ – vinylonlytapes@gmail.com
    Download a zip here – http://www.mediafire.com/?5esn0bd446avdav


    Korean BBQ & DJ Gator Golf: Toast to Coast PT. 1

    Gator on the toast, BB brisket on the flame grill. Cookin up a storm.


    WYWY B

    New disc from mah boy WYWY B; Cartoon mastermind of the Trackpantz transcending the kit and abandoning digital affliction.
    Squinky QT foam jazzed over endless hunky groove of yah reddest beets. 

    It's real good eh.

    CDs are AUD$4, free post to you're in AUS/NZ – vinylonlytapes@gmail.com


    Abstract Mutation Live Recording

    Abstract Mutation live in a kitchen in Christchurch NZ.

    Recorded by Leafs (Plastic Log).


    DJ Gator Golf - Sexy Russian Singles (Wait4U)

    d.i.y. lipo 240p vid lovingly crafted by the inimitable korean bbq on a late night hi-climbing box of wine rant track by yah boy right here.

    "a victim of obsession" – omar s


    with moths / regressor / ird / abstract mutation

    post apocalyptic round table & asterix-style orgy. 

    22 dec 2012, 8pm
    110 nth avon rd, christchurch NZ


    1080 – Fake Facts

    Late night counter-intelligence / melted demo-disc breaks.



    Abstract Mutation – YOU ARE ME

    Track I made on my phone this morning.


    Hi-tech Dept. Mix

    Ambient techno transmission to a friend in the depths of the digitale urheberrecht badlands.


    VOT Tokyo Blitz

    Japan shows in November: 

    Nov 1st – 'Air Raid vol.214' at Lush (Shibuya)w/ HAND & Cojo

    Adv. 2,000 / Door 2,500 GUEST:1000, 6:30pm start

    Nov 3rd – 'GRIND BUDDHA Vo.1' at Komyo-ji Temple (Minato)
    w/ DJ's Syuichi Miyahara & DJ TAKUYA ENDOU

    PA/SR : Fly Sound http://www.fly-sound.com
    2,000円, 6pm start

    Nov 8th – Wildside (Shinjuku)
    w/ Gargle, MERMORT Sounds Film
    Presence of Soul
    円, 6pm start

    Gonna go wild!




    Hoagie & Bernard – Crestfall

    From Hi-Tech Luddite (Tracker Trax 2007-2010)


    Offworld – Regular Revelations

    New OFFWORLD disc featuring tweaked tones on a screwed tabla beat, sample cycles, stuff cutting out in the middle of recording, slowdown symphonies and some scratching. Kinda falls apart then all comes back together.

    1) Fissure Intro
    2) Priest with Machinegun
    3) Slugger



    Wavetracker - Search For Serenity

    Slow music.

    1) Just Don’t Worry About it (4:12)  
    2) What is Relaxation? (10:40)
    3) Chime (4:56)
    4) Search for Serenity (13:50)

    CDs are AUD$4, free post to AUS/NZ – vinylonlytapes@gmail.com


    With Moths – Antitidal

    From Wellington, New Zealand; Richard Marks presents his second release following Negative Canyon released on Kim Dawn in 2010. Six trax that effortlessly glide the night skies despite their total heaviness. Compressed chest cavities; wake up and expand.

    1) We All Sleep (3:34)
    2) When You Awake (3:09)
    3) Feel the Pressure, Feel the Pull (2:25)
    4) The Agony of St. Theresa (2:29)
    5) The Wake (Version) (2:10)
    6) And then, Nothing (2:24)





    Lumbering from the haze of the 4th floor computer lab at your local polytechnic comes WAR.M. a.k.a Geelong's brightest emerging solar flare WARREN MILNE. Three tracks of obscured impulses, Xbox 360 binges and penetrating thought on celluloid. Sounds like watching an entire TV series in one sitting.

    Cover drawing by Warren.


    1) PHNTM (5:10)
    2) CARVER (6:37)
    3) CROATIA (7:23)



    LONESOME live on a giant stack of mattresses at the Vinyl Only Tapes Mutant Flexing and Lifting Comp '12. Christchurch, New Zealand. February 17, 2012.



    Offworld – Mass

    OFFWORLD is an exciting new LIVE recording venture from the folks who bought you: JEFF'S TECHNO, INT:AGG and MAGIC PAKEHA. Embracing repulsion and naivety in combination with the quest for reality within fantasy, this disc is two trax of long-form open-ended questions that don't really need answers.

    1) Life isn't Linear (10:55)
    2) Soft Modernist Utopia (12:55)



    Awesome Party Mix 350gm $2-99

    Found a photo I took a couple of years ago and made an hour long mix so I could use it as a cover.

    Awesome Party Mix 350gm $2-99 by vinylonlytapes


    Robert Martelli – Dawn, Day, Death

    3 track CDr by ex-Christchurch now Melbourne based Robert Martelli’s doom-drone project. 

    Track one, Dawn’s Reverent murmuring of guitars in the cavernous spaces of now-collapsed cathedrals cut through with static detritus. 

    Track two, Day’s deceptive hard-edged doom-throb giving way to Earth-esque evocations of big sky and warm fuzz fizzing like the tall grass you used to be able to walk through. 

    Track three, Death’s introspective tones subdued like a nature documentary soundtrack barely making itself heard through the wall from the next room, building up to a climatic peak and tantalisingly cut short, a not so gentle going into that good night. 

    A short EP that effortlessly lends itself to repeated listening.

    – James Hope. Melbourne, 2011




    ROB has also just made a swish new photo-zine SKY'ER which you should definitely grip, flip and drip your eyes all over at Collusion of Parallax.


    Chris – Naked Brunch

    What's my top album of this year? Only the latest CHRIS disc: 'NAKED BRUNCH'. Meditations on portability. Screwed n Chopped Haka. 707 Cowbell rush. Innovations for modern living. Keys on track 3 played by a cat (not even kidding).



    1) Snatcher (4:18)
    2) Smoking a Beer (8:35)
    3) Shooting Hoops in my Slippers (5:01)
    4) Green Hill Links Clubroom (4:48)
    5) Re<<wind (Bonus Beats)

    chris - shooting hoops in my slippers by vinylonlytapes